Uploading video using Dartfish software

There are four possible ways to upload video from Dartfish. The method that you will use really depends on the Dartfish tools you use:

1.Upload videos from the Dartfish Library's Tray
2.Upload analysis and Storyboards (Mediabooks) from the Dartfish Analyzer
3.Upload tagged videos from Dartfish Tagging
4.Upload highlights movies of events from Dartfish Tagging


When the requirement is to upload individual video files without markers then the upload method of choice is the Share feature of the Library. This is particularly useful for bulk upload of video clips as shown here:

Mediabook publishing via Dartfish.tv offers many advantages over the more traditional Dartfish Mediabook. This publishing route is also useful when a number of video scenes are to be combined as a single video document or when key position markers are to be added offline:

Users of Dartfish TeamPro or Connect Plus editions have a choice over what they choose to upload from Tagging - entire video files or highlights. In either case, it is possible to select whether all events or only a selection can be included as event markers.


Your questions answered

Do I need to have Dartfish software to be able to upload to dartfish.tv?

No, learn about other ways that you can upload here. There is no online upload tool on the platform itself.