Managing suscriptions

I can view a member's subscriptions from the members page - by clicking a member and selecting view subscriptions.


Or I can view the subscribers to a collection from the sharing page - by clicking a collection and selecting existing subscribers.

Subscription management tasks

Prevent a subscriber accessing a collection

Delete the subscription from the member...


...or delete the subscriber from the collection:


Change the access rights given to members

Access rights are changed by sharing the collection again (see Sharing access to collections). Doing this replaces the previous subscription.

There is no other way to view or edit the existing settings for a subscription but it is possible to identify those with a particular access type by filtering the list of subscribers to a collection.


Stop all access to a collection

Prevent access to a collection by deleting the collection or stopping sharing.

Stop sharing removes all subscriptions to the collection. Deleting the collection is a more drastic solution as it also will delete any videos that it contains.


Stop all access to a Limited collection

Limited collections cannot have subscriptions but because access to them is dependant on following a link, access can be blocked by resetting the link. Remember that this will not only affect those who you shared with but also any links that they shared with others.


What to do if a subscriber loses the sharing invitation

The invitation is crucial for access if this is the first attempt to view your channel. This is because they must click the link on the invitation to associate your member details with their account.

You can check the status of a member's subscription to a collection - if pending then no account has yet been associated with this member.


In this case you must reinvite the member


If the status of a member is not pending they will be able to view the content to which they are subscribed simply by visiting the channel. You can send them the URL of the channel. You can also reinvite them if it is more convenient or if you want them to have a limited link that they can distribute.


Your questions answered

If I delete a subscription or a collection what happens to the link?

When a collection is shared, a link to that collection is sent but it is not a direct link - it is related to the subscription; so if the subscription is deleted then the link becomes inactive.