Moving and deleting video

Inevitably, content is going to become out of date. In this topic we look at deleting and moving.

In the lesson following this one we look at another very important moderation topic - the assignment of keywords but first we'll learn about the basics of editing.


Your questions answered

I don't see that edit pencil icon

You must be logged in as an administrator or moderator to be able to edit in the thumbnails view. Those with edit rights only can make changes to individual videos and so will only see it placed next to the areas which they can edit when in the player view of a video. Furthermore, edit mode is only available in the Silverlight version of Clicking the edit button allow load the Silverlight version. Not shown in the above videos is that in the latest, items such as video title and description can also be edited in the HTML5 version - look for the edit 'pencil' icon placed next to the items which can be edited.

What is the admin collection for?

Channels created before 2012 had an admin collection. This is a collection where content can be "parked" prior to it becoming public or archived when no longer required. Although no longer provided automatically, it may be useful to create your own collection where content can be managed from.