Understanding collections

On dartfish.tv, videos are contained in collections, so your first admin task will almost certainly be to add the collections that your channel will need. First, it is important to understand how collections let you manage access to content on your channel.


Your questions answered

So a collection is like a Windows folder, right?

Not exactly, a Windows folder structure is used to both organize files and to navigate through different types of content. For working with video this type of browsing can have some serious limitations so dartfish.tv uses collections to manage access and keywords to navigate through content.

Can I create a sub collection?

No. If you are having to ask that question your collection structure may be too complicated. As for the previous answer, you should be thinking in terms of sharing collections to access to what that member should see on your channel but then allowing them to navigate through that content by using keyword filters and keyword menus.

However it is possible to organize collections by assigning keywords to them. This allows the user to filter the list of collections by selecting a keyword.