Your new channel

Welcome to your channel! This section's topics cover how to get started and the first modifications you may want to make to your new channel.

For those of you in a hurry to get started, the next video gives you an overview of the entire channel setup process. The concepts outlined here are explained in greater detail in the rest of the tutorial.

Since these video guides were created has had some updates. The admin section is now reached by clicking the Subscriptions menu rather than the Admin menu described in the videos below.




However, if the primarily purpose of the channel is for one-to-one sharing and by that I mean that you'll want individuals to only see content for their eyes only (e.g physio patients, golf/tennis pro clients, bike fitting clients) then this simpler use has a simpler solution as illustrated in the following quick-start guide.


Now lets start to look at the details. Your first two activities on your new channel are likely to be accessing the admin section and making some basic but important changes to the channel settings


Your questions answered

I don't seem to have access to the admin section. Who do I contact?

You'll know if you have been set up as an administrator because you will have received an email informing you of this and containing a link. Clicking this, links your account to the administration of your channel. If you didn't get the email then you should contact the primary admin of your channel (you can do this using the @contact button on the home page of your channel). He/she can then reinvite you. If you are the primary contact then contact support.