Using this training

Your own personal Dartfish Certified Instructor

In creating this course we have attempted to capture the 'live' training experience of Dartfish Certified Instructors and make it available whenever and wherever you want it by putting it online. Video demonstrations substitute for instructor-led demos. Further explanation and context is provided by text notes like this one, and where the instructor might provide a handout, you can access PDF documents or information on the Dartfish website. The one thing you can't do is ask question but the Your Questions Answered sections draw on our experience of questions frequently asked by learners.

Making what you learn 'stick'

When you attend an instructor-led training course you set aside time and mentally commit yourself to learning, so we suggest you take the same approach to this training too:

Set aside time in your schedule to learn and try to avoid distractions and interruptions.
Take time to practice what you learn.
Don't try to learn too much. One advantage of this form of training is that you can choose how much information you can digest at one time.