Self practice with Delayed Live view


There is a way of using video feedback that requires no button pressing and is therefore ideal for self practice: Delayed Live view simply shows the camera view from a fixed number of seconds before.  So the computer display acts as a mirror to what happened in the past.

swf_icon_1_small Setting and using Delayed Live view.


Your questions answered

I can only set a delay of 8 seconds.  This is not long enough for the activity I am filming.

The maximum amount of delay is related to the amount of memory (RAM) your computer has.  To get more delay, free memory by closing unnecessary applications.  You are possibly best to upgrade your memory and this is often cheap and easy to do.

A word about memory:  people often confuse memory with the hard disk because both store information.  The hard disk is where you save files.  Memory, or RAM, is a different component, used to hold information that needs to be accessed very quickly but compared to the hard drive it holds a lot less information.  The efficiency of your computer is therefore a function of how quickly it can access information; the more RAM it has and the quicker the processor can move data to where it needs to be, the more efficient the computer.  The computer's use of RAM is analogous to you working at your desk.  You take equipment out of drawers to perform a task but you get less efficient if there is lots of clutter on the desk.  You could either buy a bigger desk or tidy things away into the drawers.  The drawers are the hard drive and the desk surface is RAM.

Can I play the delay in slow motion?

No.  If you need to view a performance in slow motion then try this useful tip:  set your Preroll and Capture Duration settings to the same as the Delay.  If you see something happen that you want to repeat or slow then these settings offer the chance to capture that performance after it has happened.  Note that you will now be in Replay View and will need to reactivate Delayed live view if necessary.