Camcorder connection


When using Dartfish to assist instant feedback, camcorder images are captured in 'real-time' onto a computer's hard drive i.e. recording onto tape is not necessary.  This lesson explains how to connect equipment and set up Dartfish for capture.

swf_icon_1_small Setting up capture


Your questions answered

My software doesn't have an InTheAction button

Only TeamPro, ProSuite and Live editions have InTheAction.  With other editions it is possible to capture live images using DV import and replay them in the Player or Analyzer.

Should I record onto tape while using InTheAction?

Only if you really feel you need a backup.  In general it is best to remove the tape from the camcorder to prevent it from powering off (camcorders auto power off to prevent damage to the tape when not recording)

Can I use any camcorder?

Typically you need a camcorder which is able to provide a live video stream. DV tape camcorders can do this via the DV Out port (firewire connection) but to use tapeless camcorders, the TV output (usually composite or HDMI connection) can be passed through converter hardware to provide a digital video stream to a computer. For further information see the topic About video streaming