Setting and using a reference


A reference clip is one that you want to use in comparison to the other clips captured or replayed in InTheAction.  It can be compared indirectly by viewing first the reference then the captured clip, or it can be compared directly in a split screen or blended view.

If the latter then it may be necessary to adjust the synchronisation to aid comparison.

swf_icon_1_small Reviewing previously captured clips and reference clips.




Your questions answered

Can I use a timeline view to synchronize (as used in the Analyzer)

The Timeline view in InTheaction allows you to see where synchronisation points have been set but cannot be used to adjust synchronisation.  Using the Timeline makes synchronization in the Analyzer very quick and you may prefer to use the Analyzer for comparison - especially if you ultimately intend to use other Anlayzer features such as Mediabook or Save Movie.  InTheAction's comparison view offers immediate comparison with a reference and with a bit of practice (with the remote control especially) can be very quick.

Can I compare more than 2 clips?

Not using InTheAction.  Analyzer allows side by side comparison of up to 4 clips.