Automatic capture and replay


Of course, the intention of using InTheAction is to facilitate video based instruction with a minimum of effort.  Using automatic capture, it can be as simple as pressing a single button.

This lesson aims to show you not only how to capture video of a fixed duration (automatic mode) but also to be selective about how and when it is replayed.

swf_icon_1_small Simple capture and replay using InTheAction

swf_icon_1_small Using the sound trigger

swf_icon_1_small At the end of the session.


Your questions answered

I'm pressing the capture button but nothing is happening.  Why?

Two common problems prevent InTheAction working:  1) Camera not connected; either because the firewire cable has worked loose, the camcorder has switched off or it is play mode and not in its record mode.  2)  The remote control is not pointed towards the infrared receiver.

Can I stop my camcorder switching itself off automatically?

It depends on the make and model of camcorder.  In all camcorders you should take the tape out the camcorder. After doing that some camcorders won't switch off. With others you must use power options in the camcorders menu. On other models you must be working from mains power.

The red light on the IR receiver is flashing but nothing is happening.  Why?

The red light will flash if any IR signal is received.  If you have previously successfully used it it may be that the batteries are weak.  In this case try replacing the batteries, or pointing more directly at, and closer to the receiver.

If the remote has not been used before it may not be correctly installed.  Look for a red streamzap_software_icon icon in the windows tray (bottom right of the screen).  If this is grey the receiver is not correctly installed - try forcing to reinstall by using a different USB port.  If the symbol is not visible it may be that the remote control software has not started - try restarting the computer and/or manually start it by finding the Streamzap program file in C:\program files.

Users of Windows 64-bit OS must use a different driver, full instructions for this can be found

The video image looks really weird!?

This might be your cameras demo mode showing off the camcorder's features.  Switch demo mode off in the menus.

Video replay is jerky

This could be any number of hardware related problems for which you must seek solutions to improving the computer's performance. However, a common reason is that the recording destination is on a network and the network is unable to handle data-rich video quickly enough.  Consequently, some frames of video are lost.  You should always record to a local drive or memory stick with sufficient speed.

Can I compare more than 2 clips?

Not using InTheAction, but the Analyzer can compare up to 4 clips.

Can I automatically play back in slow motion?

InTheaction remembers the last speed selected so the replay speed for oine recording will be used for the next.  You can also set a Replay Scenario in the InTheAction section of the Options (F3).  This allows you to automate how video is replayed with a sequence of different playback speeds and pauses.