Dartfish is designed to make the processes of instruction and analysis using video seamless.  If using DV Import to capture video a few clicks will allow you to view, compare and share those video clips.

However, the Dartfish tool specifically designed for immediate feedback is InTheAction.  This offers several advantages to the user:

One touch recording and replay.  A single click does it all.
Remote control of capture and replay.
Use of preroll setting to allow capture - even after the action has already begun or even complete
Simultaneous capture from 2 devices

For these reasons, InTheAction is also a valuable capture tool even when the intention to review the video is not immediate. The objective of this tutorial is is to equip you with the knowledge to use Dartfish to provide feedback during coaching.

Prerequisite knowledge

While this course is appropriate for all levels of Dartfish user, there is an assumption that there is a pre-existing knowledge of basics such as screen layout and library function.  You can learn about this by taking the Getting Started with Dartfish online course.  The Getting Started course will also teach you about other useful functionality such as sharing video and use of drawing tools.


The course will concentrate on the following activities:

Setting up InTheAction

Delivering Feedback "In the Action"

Comparison of video clips