Using InTheAction to capture data

InTheAction is able to capture a live data stream as it captures video - enabling both data and video to be replayed and analyzed immediately. The data stream from the device must be linked via a software bridge which can be developed for this task.

Dartfish TeamProData edition is required.

More information

Get the latest software developers' kit (SDK) by contacting support
Metadata capture is described in full in the Dartfish User Guide accessed from the Help menu of Dartfish software.
Metadata capture is only possible using the TeamPro Data and LivePro editions of Dartfish.


Your questions answered

What devices can I currently capture from in this way?

Dartfish knows of the following organizations that have developed Dartfish bridges for their devices. As these are third parties, Dartfish cannot assess the accuracy of this list or the effectiveness of their solutions.

Fusion Smartspeed timing gates developed by Fusion Sports
EDH flightscope radar tracking (used in golf)
Zelocity golf performance monitors
AMTI Forceplates
Frappier Accupower force plates now owned by Athletic Republic

We don't have access to a programmer. Can we buy Dartfish expertise?

Dartfish has developed bridges for organizations in the past and we may be able to help you depending on our resource constraints. Please contact support to get more advice.